Kuratsa Mayor

The Kuratsa is highly favored by the Waray people of the Eastern Visayan region in the Philippines. Strictly speaking, The Kuratsa must be done the amenudo; that is, only one couple dances it at a time. the Kuratsa is however, very different in the manner of execution to the Mexican counterpart. Even the “basic” Kuratsa music is not based on Mexican or even Spanish melodies but just bolero-inspired lilting music. A very interesting dance caught up the eyes of the beholder.

Philippine dance researchers, however, point either to the Kigal and the Bikal as the ‘ascendant’ of the Kuratsa. The Kigal (spelled “Quigal” in early Spanish writings on Samar culture and lifeways) is a sort battle-of-sexes couple dance that imitate mating birds. The Kigal is in fact called by another name: Binanug or Kiglun (Kigalun?) according to a 17th century Samarnon dictionary by Jesuit missionary to Samar, Fr. Alcazar. It is interesting that banug is the Waray word for the ‘hawk’.